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Clunes offers reward for return of dog

Wednesday March 23rd 2016

Martin Clunes is offering a reward for the safe return of a stolen poodle/Yorkshire terrier cross. The Doc Martin actor, 54, is putting up £2,000 - doubling the total return money to £4,000.

This is because 15-year-old Pippin's family has already pledged £2,000 themselves. The Yoodle was snatched from his Wigston, Leicestershire home last Tuesday (March 15). Mr Clunes met the dog and Jane Wilson, her owner, on the Doc Martin television programme set while she was holidaying in Cornwall.

Gareth, Jane's son, got in touch with Mr Clunes's agent in a bid to find Pippin. The plea comes years after Mr Clunes displayed "genuine interest" towards the pooch when they met on the show's Port Isaac set. The Wilsons are worried that Pippin might not survive for long, as she relies on medicated food and prescribed pills.

Pippin is partly blind and deaf and has silvery hair. She has a distinctive lump at the junction of her body and tail. Her tail tip is bald.

Mrs Wilson returned home to find glass everywhere and Pippin gone. Anyone who knows anything about the theft can ring Crimestoppers or Leicestershire Police. The family has expressed their gratitude to Mr Clunes.

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