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Cloned car menace 'running rampant'

Monday May 17th 2010

Thousands of "cloned" cars are being sold to unwitting motorists across the UK, police have warned, with those lacking a decent car value protector policy losing out as a direct result.

The Association of Chief Police Officers said 1,300 vehicles, worth a total of £13 million, had been recovered in the last four years, although with more than 100,000 stolen registration documents in circulation, the real figure is likely much higher.

Criminals clone cars by using such papers to change the identity of a stolen vehicle to match a legitimate car.

Speaking at the launch of a programme to highlight the problem, AA president Edmund King said: "Car buying is fraught with pitfalls, from rogue traders to car cloning and forged documents. It always pays to shop with your head, not your heart, and deal only with those who can deliver you genuine cars, from accredited dealers."

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