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Civil servants 'face new job fears'

Friday August 10th 2012

A further 100,000 civil service jobs are at risk of being axed, according to one of the UK's largest trade unions.

Civil service numbers have plummeted by 50,000 since Cabinet Officer minister Francis Maude set up the Efficiency and Reform Group in a bid to crack down on wasteful spending across Whitehall.

There are currently 428,000 civil servants in the UK, but both Labour and the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) are adamant that Mr Maude's quadrupled savings target of £20bn-a-year can only be achieved by cutting jobs in the NHS, the police service and defence.

The Cabinet Office announced that it had saved over £5.5bn in the last year through a "ruthless approach" to eradicating waste.

Mr Maude branded the independently audited savings "staggering", and said they were equivalent to around £500 per working household in Britain.

The minister said: "There's never an excuse for wasting taxpayers' money in the way it was in the past, but given the size of the deficit this Government inherited and the ongoing tough economic climate, we were determined to cut the fat from Whitehall.

"Because our controls on spending are working well and saving unprecedented amounts of money, I'm determined they will be a permanent feature of good governance."

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