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City of culture RSPCA centre faces closure

Thursday April 6th 2017

An RSPCA rescue centre in the UK's 2017 City of Culture faces closure unless it can raise £1 million for a much-needed refurbishment.

The Hull and East Riding Branch centre on Clough Road in Hull has fallen into disrepair since it was last renovated in the 1930s.

The ageing rescue centre has now launched an appeal to raise funds and enable the team to bring it up to the current RSPCA welfare standards.

The centre provides a short term home for many abandoned or abused cats and dogs as well as other smaller animals.

It hopes to give the cattery a serious makeover while also opening a new kennel block.

The appeal comes as Hull celebrates its year as 2017 UK City of Culture, with events and installations taking place across the city throughout the year.

Jackie Dainty, chairwoman of the branch, told the Hull Daily Mail: "We were faced with either closure or raising a million pounds to refurbish and rebuild the centre.

"Although it is going to be a huge challenge - there is no way we are going to let local animals in need or our community down - we are determined to raise the money so we can continue on our mission to rehabilitate and rehome as many creatures as we can."

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