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City holds first sausage dog race

Tuesday September 22nd 2015

Sausage dogs got dressed up to the nines for a competition to see who the fastest dachshund in Melbourne is.

More than 50 dogs, many of them wearing colourful costumes, took part in the first ever Running of the Wieners event in the Southbank area of the Australian city on Saturday.

Hundreds of people turned out to witness the hilarious spectacle of sausage dogs racing against each other dressed as bikers, lifeguards and even a ballerina.

Naomi Jones, who co-organised the event, says dachshunds are not known for their athletic ability, which is why the day proved to be such great fun for spectators. She added that she was sure the dogs loved it too.

The dogs' owners used treats, squeaky toys or in fact anything they could think of to encourage their animals to run.

One attendee tweeted that the event, which raised money for Dachshund Rescue Australia, was the best day of her life.

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