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'Cinderella' dog off to Crufts ball

Friday February 26th 2016

An abandoned dog has overcome the odds to book herself a place at Crufts next month. The name Binky is usually associated with clowns.

But the state in which a so-called "Cinderella" crossbreed of the same name was found just over 12 months ago was no laughing matter. People in Cyprus found her so filthy that her coat had turned from cream to brown.

Val Lewis, her Coventry-based owner, says the poochwas merely a sack of bones when Cyprus Dog Rescue's Facebook site put out an appeal for a new home. Mrs Lewis, 59, is now looking forward to Binky showing what she can do at the world's largest dog show from March 10-13 at the NEC Birmingham.

She will be part of one of the Kennel Club event's obedience class displays. Binky will be groomed as well as walking at heel, sitting and waiting.

She is no stranger to dog shows. She finished best of class and best of show at last summer's Sound Hounds yearly event. Binky has found the right place to be pampered. Mrs Lewis runs a salon for dogs.

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