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Chile cat rescued from palm tree

Tuesday December 15th 2015

A cat is back on the ground after spending two weeks stuck on top of a 20-metre-tall palm tree in Chile.

Residents of a small town in the South American country finally succeeded in rescuing the distressed feline after several failed attempts, which involved everything from ladders and ropes to a makeshift slide.

A scaffold with a cage containing food and water eventually did the trick. The cat had not eaten or drunk anything during its time on top of the tree, so it could not resist the offering that was placed in front of it.

Relieved locals rushed the puss to a nearby vet to receive food and fluid, where it has since made a full recovery.

The veterinarian admitted he was surprised by the cat's good health after going such a long period without food or water. He said while it was a bit shaken by the ordeal, physically it was in reasonable shape.

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