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Chihuahua wins world's ugliest dog competition

Tuesday June 28th 2016

A dog's ugliness has won her owner $1,500 (£1,120) in a kind of inverse beauty competition.

SweePwee, the 17-year-old Chinese-crested chihuahua, beat off 15 rivals to the crown of the Petaluma Ugliest Dog in the World contest at California's Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds.

SweePwee ticked most of the boxes with her permanently sticking-out tongue and glistening mohawk haircut. She also has to wear dog nappies and she cannot see out of either eye. Owner Jason Wurtz says a former wife rejected the dog when he first bought it for her.

But Mr Wurtz won't be spending the money on himself. The cash will be spent on surgery for his beloved dog to remove a tumour on her gum.

Himisaboo, one of SweePwee's rivals, was said to bear a resemblance to US presidential candidate Donald Trump. Heather Wilson's scruffy Idaho-based pooch failed to place, however.

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