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Chihuahua is 'UK's smallest dog'

Monday June 29th 2015

A tiny Chihuahua weighing less than a bag of sugar is claimed to be the smallest dog in the UK.

Bibity Bobity Boo, fully-grown at six months, stands just three inches tall and measures a mere eight inches in length.

Her owners, Ron and Susan Lingham from Blackpool, are astonished with her size. They have 10 dogs but the miniscule pooch is by far the smallest of the bunch, tipping the scales at an almost immeasurable 1lb 10oz.

She is so small that it is believed she has taken the title of the UK's smallest dog. Previous record holder Tyson, a Lhasa Apso cross Chihuahua that lives in Lincoln with his owner Rosemarie McLinden, is around four inches tall.

The Linghams admit that Bibity Bobity Boo - also known as Boo, Bibi and Bobyykins - is a favourite in their household. They say her diminutive frame makes her the perfect hider when playing hide and seek.

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