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Check out the 5-star hotel for cats

Wednesday March 2nd 2016

Cats are getting the five-star treatment at a special hotel in a Lancashire seaside town. Longcroft in Birkdale, Southport, treats feline guests like VIPs.

The Harvey Summers-run hotel offers cats chauffeur collections, mini bar treats, night-time drinks, scrubs and even a goodnight hug. Mr Summers, a former teacher, offers owners the chance to stay up to date with their absent cats through a postcard and photo diary service.

The 51-year-old provides a handful of luxury, heated rooms, catering from elite pedigree to cats who have been rescued. This attention to detail even extends to the choice of building materials.

No wood is used, so that cats cannot smell the aroma from the previous guest if it has marked its territory. This gives felines a greater sense of belonging, Mr Summers says.

He is preparing for a special open day next month to mark the hotel's first birthday. April 16 is when Mr Summers throws his doors open to the public. Pampered cats have already come in from the Lake District, Birmingham and other places outside Lancashire.

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