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Charlie Dimmock in pet poison plant plea

Tuesday June 9th 2015

One of Britain's favourite celebrity gardeners has warned pet owners of the dangers of potentially poisonous garden plants.

Geraniums, begonias, dahlias, marigolds and clematis are among the country's most popular common shrubs and flowers. But Charlie Dimmock is warning that these and 29 others like them can be toxic if consumed by dogs and cats.

The former Ground Force garden makeover TV show star said these plants abound in parks and gardens nationwide.

This is why Horniman Museum's Poisonous Pawtanical Garden in South London is banning pets. The attraction, which opened to the public on Tuesday, aims to publicise the dangerous threat to Britain's pets under their owners' very noses.

Dimmock, 48, is championing the new garden, which has been designed by award-winning gardener Ian Drummond. She said that sunflowers, gerberas, busy Lizzies, African daisies and fuchsia are far more pet-friendly.

Health difficulties for pets chomping on the garden's poisonous hitless can range from stomach aches to severe harm to livers and kidneys, Dimmock added. It can also lead to drooling and serious damage to their nervous systems.

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