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Charity recognises hearing dogs

Wednesday June 8th 2011

Hearing dogs that have transformed the lives of deaf people across the country are being recognised by a national charity.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf people is encouraging the public to nominate a pet they know through family, friends or work colleagues for the special award.

The Hearing Dog of the Year Awards are being held by the charity to celebrate Hearing Dogs Week 2011.

This year pets can be put forward for a Life-changing, Heroic or Team/Dual-purpose or Hearing Dogs of the Year award.

Nominations can be made via the Charity's website

The awards have also attracted celebrity attention with presenter Tim Vincent among supporters.

Alongside Vincent are Ben Fogle, Matt Baker, Kate Humble and Pam St Clement.

Tim Vincent, celebrity supporter of the Hearing Dog of the Year awards, said: "The work that the dogs do in alerting their recipients to sounds and also the emotional and therapeutic benefits of the companionship they offer provide such valuable independence and confidence - as well as a extra sense of security."

Hearing Dogs for Deaf people currently has over 750 working hearing dogs in the UK transforming lives of isolation and loneliness into lives of independence, confidence and security by training dogs to alert deaf people to important household sounds and danger signals such as the alarm clock, doorbell and smoke alarm in the home, at work and in public buildings.

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