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Charity launches pet healthcare drive

Thursday August 20th 2015

A veterinary charity has launched a new drive to help educate pet owners about the importance of protecting their animals against killer diseases.

The PDSA is undertaking the initiative after being given £550,000 by the People's Postcode Lottery.

The charity has set up a network of more than 50 'pet champions' across the country, to promote the preventative measures that can help protect pets against parvovirus, feline leukaemia and other serious illnesses.

The specialists include veterinary care assistant Joanne Smith, who will spearhead the initiative in Sheffield.

Joanne and her colleagues in other parts of the country will be promoting everything from vaccinations and neutering procedures to micro-chipping and parasite treatments.

She told The Star newspaper in Sheffield that the new funding will help ensure more pets in the area get the health protection they need.

Joanne says it will also enable her to educate more pet owners about the value of preventative health measures.

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