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Charity creates stress-busting cat meditation video

Tuesday November 8th 2016

A charity is helping people de-stress by using the power of meditation - and a cute kitten video.

Pet charity Blue Cross has created a guided meditation cat video to highlight the potential of pets to be therapeutic.

Working with experts at the Mindfulness Project, the six-minute class, called 'Karma Kitties', features clips of rescue cats purring, playing and sleeping.

With almost 5,000 cats and kittens taken into the care of Blue Cross last year, the charity is hoping the video will benefit pets that need rehoming.

Commenting on the project, Laura Boyle, rehoming centre manager at Torbay Blue Cross, said: "Mindfulness is becoming so popular and by pairing this trend with the potential therapeutic benefits of cat videos, there's a good chance that Karma Kitties could be the ultimate stress-busting routine.

"This year, we have seen so many kittens and cats come to our centres in need of a new home.

"Owning a rescue cat can bring enjoyment, happiness and fulfilment to both owner and pet so we hope this video will have benefits to both pets and people."

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