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Charity celebrates black cats

Friday October 24th 2014

Pet owners are getting the chance to prove that Postman Pat's Jess isn't the only black-and-white cat worthy of national acclaim. Cats Protection is staging a competition to find the country's most magnificent black or black-and-white rescue cat to coincide with next week's National Black Cat Day.

The charity's quest to discover its new poster cat launched on Monday October 6. So you can do even more than take out Pet Insurance" href=>Pet Insurance to show your cat how much you love them, you can also enter them for the contest.

All you have to do is post your cat's picture on the charity's Facebook page alongside the story of their rescue. Cats Protection will then shortlist its five favourites for the public to vote on during October 29.

This is the day before next Thursday October 30's national celebration day of black cats. The overall winner of the competition will get their very own photoshoot and become the charity's poster cat to be used for forthcoming rehoming appeals.

Loads of cat-lovers have already taken to the internet to share snaps of their beautiful animals. One poster shares information about her cat Benedict, named after Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch.

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