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Charities 'expect to lay off staff'

Friday April 1st 2011

Staff could be laid off at more than half the charities in England in the next three months as the financial state of the sector is expected to deteriorate, a survey has revealed.

The report by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) said a third of charities believe their level of service will decrease.

The percentage of charities anticipating that their situation could worsen over the coming year has increased from 61 to 64%, since the NCVO's last quarterly survey.

Meanwhile, 97% of respondents thought the economic conditions within the sector would suffer over the next 12 months.

Anyone working in the charity sector who is worried about loosing their job can take out Income Protection, which would pay out in the event of someone loosing their job through redundancy, illness or injury.

One respondent said: "Funding uncertainty has always existed in our sector.

"What is exceptional at present is the level of cuts and the speed at which they are being implemented.

"Frontline services are being slashed and burnt by local authorities via their contracts with voluntary organisations."

Another said: "The idea that the Big Society will provide all the answers is built on sand, as many of us will fold and simply not be there to provide the support for individuals disadvantaged by current cuts and initiatives."

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