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Chancellor wants 'recovery for all'

Monday December 9th 2013

The Chancellor has announced a boost for jobless youngsters seeking work, as he pledged an economic recovery "for all".

In the Autumn Statement before MPs, George Osborne said the improving climate was allowing him to get rid of national insurance contributions for those under 21.

He promised not to "leave young people behind as the economy grows", and pledged "a responsible recovery for all".

He said the national insurance "jobs tax" for 1.5 million workers under 21 would be scrapped - but he said that the downside was that those same people would have to work longer, with the state pension age rising to 68 by the mid-2030s and 69 in the late 2040s.

Unions have lambasted this move, saying that ordinary Britons are going to be forced to "work until they drop".

Mr Osborne said the British economic plan is "working", but warned that there is still work to do as he proposed to extend the retirement age for millions of people. And he said that more "difficult decisions" are on the way, but pledged not to squander fresh opportunities. He also paid tribute to "the hard work of British people paying off".

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