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Cats top Battersea rehoming league

Friday April 1st 2016

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is finding its most new homes for cats. The rise in popularity over dogs is something that has never happened before in its 154-year existence.

The famous London rehoming centre says the number of cats finding permanent families was 800 up on dogs over 2015. Battersea typicallu rehomed nine cats every day over the year compared to just seven dogs.

This trend looks set to continue this year, the charity's latest figures suggest. Cats are already 200 up on their canine counterparts in the year to date.

The centre's feline popularity has mushroomed since 2013 when it introduced its Cat Takeover initiative. This aimed to encourage animal lovers to take in more cats. There has been a 30% yearly hike in the amount of cats finding new homes in the last four years alone.

Battersea's Lindsey Quinlan says that social media has fuelled cats' popularity. Research from mobile network Three finds that there are far more cat pictures shared over social media than selfies. It shows that over 3.8 million pictures, memes and videos of cats were shared every day via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in 2013. This compared to just 1.4 million selfies.

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