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Cats 'prefer human interaction to food'

Tuesday March 28th 2017

The clich├ęs about cats being cold and callous have just been blown out of the water by a new study that finds that felines prefer human company to eating.

When cats that had been deprived of food, human contact, scent and toys were reintroduced to the things, it was to the humans that most of the cats went first.

Oregon State University carried out the experiment with the help of 50 cats. The four stimuli were taken away from them for several hours and then slowly reintroduced.

The authors of the study wrote: "While it has been suggested that cat sociality exists on a continuum, perhaps skewed toward independency, we have found that 50% of cats tested preferred interaction with the social stimulus even though they had a direct choice between social interaction with a human and their other most preferred stimuli from the three other stimulus categories."

So perhaps your moggy isn't such a loner at all? When he comes across aloof perhaps he's just playing hard to get?

The study was published in Behavioural Processes.

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