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Cats-only vets ward set to open

Friday January 15th 2016

An animal hospital is planning to open a cats-only veterinary ward in April, it has been announced.

Westway Veterinary Centre's new high-tech unit will include a preparatory room and operating theatre exclusively for its feline patients. Work has started on the £100,000 pet hospital wing in Newcastle, which is part of the biggest vet company in the North East.

The region's sickest cats will be able to get treated away from potentially worrying dogs, while the move should also raise capacity at the animal hospital.

In August the same company opened its new cat-only waiting room to provide moggies with a place away from their canine counterparts as they waited for appointments.

Nick Myerscough, Westway director, says the changes are aimed at providing improved experience for cats. He says both moves should reduce stress in cats by separating them from dogs while they are feeling poorly.

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