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Cats found in air conditioning unit

Wednesday August 7th 2013

A litter of kittens are returning to good health after being rescued from an air conditioning unit.

Nobody is quite sure how the four kittens became trapped in the unit at Technip in Westhill, Aberdeenshire.

Thought to be about three weeks old, the animals were discovered when a member of staff heard a meowing noise and called the SPCA.

They were taken to the SPCA's Drumoak rescue centre to be cared for before being re-homed.

Centre assistant Debbie Innes thinks the mother either had her litter in the unit or moved them inside the unit to keep them safe.

She said: "The kittens were very hungry when they were found, as well as a little red around the eyes due to them drying out while they were trapped.

"After a good feed they have come out of their shells, showing their mischievous and playful sides.

"They are all receiving treatment for their dry eyes and still have quite a mountain to climb before they can be re-homed but we're pleased with their progress so far."

The cats have been called Dusty, Harrison, Crystal and Morgan.

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