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Cats feline misunderstood by owners

Thursday August 1st 2013

Most cat owners misread their beloved pet's body language, new research has revealed.

Around two-thirds (67%) of owners do not realise their cat is greeting them by sticking their tail in the air, according to a survey of 1,100 respondents for the charity Cats Protection.

A similar proportion of owners are not aware that purring can be a sign of pain as well as contentment, the poll found, while around a quarter (27%) mistakenly thought malting fur was a territorial trait.

In reality, cats mark their territory by rubbing their faces against furniture.

The online survey also showed that around half (49%) of owners were unaware that a cat licking lips was a sign of stress rather than feeling hungry or having dry lips.

Around four out of 10 (38%) cat owners did not know that their feline friends put their ears down when they are frightened and want to hide.

Cat owners weren't completely in the dark, though, as the poll revealed 69% were aware a slow blinking cat is relaxing and 68% knew a cat with its stomach on show was in a relaxed state.

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