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Cats 'display human attributes'

Thursday June 23rd 2011

Families that own cats have found pets displaying many human attributes, research suggests.

The 84% of the participants involved in a survey of 3,000 British cat owners said their pets have adopted many human habits.

Cats are increasingly been accepted as a part of the family, with 60% of these pets allowed to sleep in their owners' beds.

One in 20 cats uses its owner's bath or shower and one in 10 of these pets insists on having its evening meal at the dinner table.

More than a quarter (27%) of the cats require food that is intended for their owners.

According to the study, conducted by Bayer Animal Health, many cats have developed human habits, with 24% able to open doors and cupboards, 8% walking on two legs, 6% shaking hands, 10% enjoying a sing song with their owner and 16% who can even meow on demand.

TV vet Emma Milne said: "Many cat owners will notice moments when their cats seem almost human like in their behaviour which can be a source of great amusement. However, this behaviour is largely down to owners training their cats from an early age."

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