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Cats 'disappear to relieve stress'

Tuesday July 19th 2011

Just like human beings, cats too take 'time out' to relieve stress, a report has said.

Secret Lives of Cats, a report pioneered by feline behaviour specialist Roger Tabor, revealed that 56% of cats regularly vanish for hours or days on end when they get too stressed out, or when their territory is under threat.

Some cats go missing even for as long as a month sometimes, the report said.

The animals display a lot of human-like features in their behavioural patterns, the research said. Certain cats even mimic the actions of their owners.

The unique 'Cat-Nav' study was developed in association with Bayer Animal Health.

Roger Tabor said: "Until recently, GPS receivers were too heavy and cumbersome to use on small animals, but technological advances have miniaturised the receivers meaning that at last we can follow cats whilst remaining completely unseen.

"This has enabled us to discover for the first time that the reputation cats have of distancing themselves from owners is not actually the case. With this unique insight and analysis of cat behaviour, cat owners will be able to continue to protect their pet's independence and safeguard its health and wellbeing."

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