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Cats 'better at surviving' than dogs

Tuesday August 18th 2015

Science claims to have finally answered the age-old question that has divided pet owners around the world - who is better: cats or dogs?

A team of researchers from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland have found cats to be better than dogs, in terms of survival.

Their study of 2,000 ancient fossils reveals felines have historically been much better at surviving than canines.

The dog family boasted 30 species in North America around 20 million years ago, having originated on the continent 20 million years before that, but the arrival of cats from Asia had a deadly impact on them.

Cats proved to be more effective hunters than their counterparts, taking the majority of the scarce food supplies for themselves and wiping out as many as 21 dog species in the process.

Just nine species of wild dog - including wolves, the ancestors of today's domesticated dogs - remain in North America.

But despite the findings, dog owners will still say their pets are better than cats, so expect the debate to rumble on for some time yet.

The journal PNAS published the new findings.

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