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Cat with third ear

Friday November 13th 2015

A stray cat that was picked up by animal rescuers has been given an array of Star Trek-related nicknames in honour of an unusual birth defect.

The moggy has been called Captain Kirk and even Spock due to its extra ear, which staff at Feline Care Cat Rescue have been referring to as a "final front-ear".

However, all these suggestions were finally trumped in favour of the more conventional Brian, staff at the East Harling, Norfolk-based rescue centre have said.

Centre Manager Molly Farrar said that many cats with unusual defects had been rescued before, but never one with a third ear, adding that it really was "something special".

The cat was found on Monday November 9 after apparently being dumped outside a garage. Another theory is that he got off the rear end of a truck as the home is by a busy industrial estate.

Staff now hope that the cat's owner will come forward, or else they will be forced to find the moggy a new home.

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