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Cat wanted for palace mouse problem

Wednesday January 29th 2014

Mice taking up residence at the House of Commons better beware as three cats put forward their credentials to help tackle the pests.

According to Battersea Cats & Dogs Home, the best mouser candidates include three-year-old black and white cat Jill, four-year-old ginger feline Finn and one-year-old Bloom.

Jill is described as having "years of experience" and will "slink through the quiet corridors of Westminster with her black silky coat like a shadow in the night".

Finn is known for pouncing on "anything that moves", while cheeky and cunning Bloom is said to be "ready to break up the mouse party in the House of Commons".

Reports of mouse droppings and nibbled documents are rife among the Palace of Westminster - and the animal rescue centre says it is only too willing to help.

Pauline Latham, MP for Mid Derbyshire, said: "Battersea Dogs & Cats Home do a fantastic job, and I would certainly love to have one of their cats come and take care of the mouse problem in my office."

MP Anne McIntosh, chair of the House of Commons EFRA Select Committee, raised the issue with Leader of the House Andrew Lansley last year.

She said: "I am thrilled and delighted to work closely with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

"In my view, provided the situation was controlled with care, particularly considering the welfare of those allergic to cats, the best way to control and eliminate the mouse problem in Parliament would be a rescue cat."

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