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Cat voted student union president

Friday May 13th 2016

A university's students' union has made an elderly cat its new honorary president.

Susu won the title after 14 years of roaming Highfield campus at Southampton University.

Union officials say that "much adored" Susu is aloof from any union politics, helping to bring "security" and "stability". They also point to her stress-relieving powers, the BBC reports.

Students comfortably passed the motion at their AGM with 176 members voting for her and 86 against.

The Wessex Scene student newspaper says Susu's lifestyle mirrors that of the students in that she craves affection, snacks and cat-naps.

Susu was first taken in at the university after porters gave her food scraps to eat after feeling sorry for the then skinny moggy. The cat once represented Southampton as its mascot on BBC2's University Challenge quiz show.

Susu is only the second holder of the uni's honorary president title.

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