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Cat turns Tesco store into second home

Wednesday January 14th 2015

Supermarkets are always striving to find something a little bit different to give them an edge over their rivals.

And while most usually opt for loyalty schemes, price offers and giveaways, a Tesco store in Devon has something a little less conventional - its very own cat.

And Mango has proved to be such a hit with the Tiverton shop's customers that they've inundated a Facebook page, set up in his honour by an anonymous customer, with "likes".

Despite having an owner and his own home not far from the store, the tabby has been hanging out at Tesco for the last four years and has made it his second home.

Mango can often be seen napping on the entrance mat, curled up in the foyer or strolling round the supermarket where he is sometimes photographed with his "fans" .

And Mango has become so popular with customers that one of them has now set up a Facebook page which has attracted over 2,500 "likes".

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