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Cat survives getting trapped in garage door

Wednesday January 11th 2017

A lucky moggy has used up one of her nine lives after becoming trapped in a garage door.

Pictures - which began circulating on social media - show half of Bella's body sticking out the top of the closed garage door.

The black and white cat was reported to local sheriffs in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, who worked with neighbours to free the feline. Bella miraculously escaped without any injuries.

Deputy Mike Scott explained: "A cat had been stuck between a garage door of a residence and the wall. Never in all of my years was I prepared to encounter what I saw upon my arrival.

"The neighbours were very helpful as we cautiously removed the upper frame moulding that allowed some space for us to remove the cat. With a joint effort with neighbours, we were able to remove the cat alive."

The owner returned home to find authorities and neighbours in his garden and is reported to have been shouting, "Oh my God, Bella", according to police.

The fortunate feline must have fallen asleep on the garage door while it was open and got stuck when it closed, according to her owner.

"I am not much of a cat person, but no-one wants to see an animal suffer," added the sheriff.

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