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Cat survives 150 miles under car hood

Wednesday August 12th 2015

Darcy the cat is back with his owner after surviving a hair-raising 150-mile round trip stuck in a car engine. The four-year-old tabby snuck into a Mercedes Benz engine compartment to get shelter from the rain in his home town of Cannock during August 1.

The car's owner, who went to Manchester and back, then took the vehicle to a Lichfield garage after their dashboard warning light started flashing.

Fix Auto staff could not detect any engine trouble when they test-drove the Merc, but they did smell burning. The real culprit was discovered when they opened up the bonnet.

Darcy's big eyes stared back at them, his by now very warm furry coat wrapped around a heated alternator. The mechanics called in the RSPCA.

Owner Christine Evans says a slightly bald tail is the only legacy of Darcy's great adventure and he is otherwise "absolutely fine". She expressed her happiness at having him back home.

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