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Cat survives 150-mile ride in car bonnet

Tuesday October 20th 2015

A hunt has been launched to find the owner of a pet cat, who travelled down to England from Scotland in a car's engine compartment.

It is thought the long-haired black and white cat had climbed under the bonnet of the car in Glasgow and was only discovered after it arrived in the North East nearly three hours later.

Miraculously the cat, which does not have a microchip, had survived her gruelling 150-mile journey, sustaining just a few cuts and bruises.

She is now being looked after by staff at Newcastle's Vets Westway Veterinary Group with her care paid for by a fund for strays which relies on donations from the public. Her veterinary care there includes being vaccinated.

Westway says while efforts are being made to find the cat's owner, she will be found a new home if they cannot be tracked down within seven days.

Vets say it is fairly common for cats to climb under the bonnets of cars in order to find warmth. But doing so puts them at risk of being burned or falling out if the car moves.

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