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Cat shoots to fame after cleft palate operations

Friday July 31st 2015

A cat born with a facial disfigurement that made it difficult for him to drink and eat has shot to social media stardom after having reconstructive surgery.

Mr Norris was born with a cleft palate so severe that vets deemed it more humane to put him to sleep when he was only 14 days old. But his owner Sarah Ross, of Lochgelly, Fife, ignored this advice and the moggy now has a massive Facebook following.

Following two operations on his face and teeth, Mr Norris is barely recognisable from the kitten he once and now enjoys a healthy life.

Mr Norris's full recovery has been helped by the support of his Facebook fans, who have even travelled long distances to see him in the flesh.

Ms Ross, who runs the Sunny Harbour feline rescue centre, where Mr Norris was born, says that visitors love him. She says he is a cat celebrity and over 150 fans come to visit him every time the centre has an event.

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