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Cat rescued from same tree twice

Tuesday July 21st 2015

A cat has been causing trouble in west London by climbing up the same tree twice.

The puss's passion for trees meant the fire brigade had to be called out to make two rescues in the same weekend.

A specialist tree surgeon and the RSPCA also had to be summoned to Shepherd's Bush, as well as the police, according to some reports.

The cat's capers began on Friday, when residents tried unsuccessfully to hose it down from its perch, causing it to climb higher.

Fire fighters were called to the scene and the cat was eventually lured down, but it quickly returned to the tree and spent the whole night meowing.

A fire crew had to make a second visit on Sunday, this time with an aerial platform, which was used to lift rescuers up so they could remove the cat from the tree.

Residents are now trying to find the owners of the cat, nicknamed Coningham after road where it has been wreaking havoc.

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