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Cat rescued from rubble 16 days after Italian earthquake

Tuesday September 13th 2016

A cat has been rescued after 16 days trapped under rubble created by Italy's devastating earthquake last month.

The fluffy feline, Pietro, is thought to have survived on drops of rainwater - the area hit by the quake in September and has seen several storms in the past few days.

Firefighters found the pet while excavating the remains of a collapsed house in the hill-top town of Amatrice, one of the worst hit communities.

The cat was severely dehydrated and firefighters immediately gave it a drink of water, before taking it to a vet's surgery.

A firefighter at the scene said: "It's really true that cats have nine lives, look at that."

Nearly 300 people were killed by the 6.0 magnitude quake, including three British tourists.

Dozens of cats, dogs and other pets have been rescued in the earthquake zone including another cat named Gioia - Joy in English - who was rescued after spending six days trapped under the rubble of a collapsed house.

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