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Cat rescued from 50ft castle wall

Friday October 7th 2016

Fire crews have staged a dramatic rescue to save a kitten trapped 50ft up on a castle wall.

In what has been described as a "horrible ordeal", staff from the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service descended from the top of the wall to get to the animal.

It was only by chance that passers-by spotted the black-and-white kitten caught in barbed wire above Pembroke Castle.

Following the rescue, the male cat is said to be recovering well in the care of the RSPCA.

Thought to be just three months, the cat has now been nicknamed Henry after King Henry VII, who was born at the West Wales castle.

An appeal has been made for the owners of kitten to come forward, as no microchip has been found on the animal.

If no owner comes forward, the kitten will be rehomed in the future by the RSPCA.

Ellie West, from the animal charity, said: "It was just by chance someone saw the kitten struggling on the wall. The poor little thing was so frightened. We don't know how he got there."

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