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Cat owners urged to protect wildlife

Friday May 19th 2017

Cat owners should be wary of the damage their pets can cause to local wildlife, according to a charity.

The BBC reports that South Essex Wildlife Hospital is treating as many as 60 animals on a daily basis following cat-related incidents. Most of these are birds and many of them die.

The charity has now taken to social media to encourage cat owners to be responsible.

Speaking to the broadcaster, Sue Schwar, founder of the charity, said cats are "lovely animals", but they can be aggressive when in the wild.

She added: " Our native wildlife hasn't evolved with them so they do a lot of damage by climbing trees and raiding nests. I'm not saying they necessarily have to be shut indoors. A lot of people are turning to building enclosures for their cats or training them on harnesses."

Experts have previously suggested that cat owners could restrict the time their animals are outdoors for. But many pet lovers have questioned the advice and the social media warnings given by the South Essex charity, suggesting it is unfair to keep them inside.

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