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Cat owners not aware of pet's age

Tuesday September 4th 2012

The first ever census of domestic cats in the UK has shown than a quarter of owners do not know the age of their pet.

The census, commissioned by as part of the Chronic Cat Pain Awareness Month, showed 24% of owners do not know the age of their cat.

According to the survey, there are around eight million domestic cats in the UK, and around one in five (19%) of households own at least one cat.

But as well as not knowing the age of their pet, almost a quarter (22%) of owners are unsure as to whether they own a pedigree cat or a moggie.

And Pet Insurance providers will be even more worried to learn that as well as basic cat facts, owners struggle to tell if their pet is in ill health.

The census showed around six in 10 (59%) do not take their cat to the vet for regular check ups. Despite this, nearly two-thirds (64%) of cat owners report that their pets are not in their prime and showing signs of age.

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