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Cat needed ID to get advent calendar from Royal Mail

Friday December 11th 2015

A cat nearly missed out on some festive fun after he was unable to take delivery of his advent calendar without proof of his identity.

Ted was sent the seasonal treat in the post by the mother of his owner Brittany Maher-Kirk, but there was no one in to receive the parcel when it arrived so it was sent back to the Royal Mail depot.

Royal Mail said Brittany could not pick it up without ID for the cat as it was addressed to her pet.

So Brittany had to phone up the Post Office's head office to explain that her mother had sent an advent calendar addressed to the cat, and he was unable to pop in to pick it up himself or lend her his ID to do it for him.

Royal Mail does not have a policy on addressing post to animals, but a spokeswoman told the BBC that an owner's name should be included on the package to "ensure that cats can get their human to accept their parcels on their behalf".

The story does have a happy ending, though, as depot workers finally handed over the calendar despite being in "absolute hysterics", according to Brittany.

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