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Cat nearly killed eating decoration

Tuesday December 22nd 2009

They say curiosity killed the cat, but in this instance it was one domestic kitty's curious eating habits which nearly led to its downfall.

Feline Leah saw a decorative miniature Christmas tree which had been left lying around the home by her owner Claire Smith, 27, from Middlesbrough. Unknown to Miss Smith, Leah gobbled up the decoration.

The cat then started to lose weight and was suffering from chronic sickness and looking poorly, causing puzzlement for Miss Smith.

It was not until the one-year-old pet was X-rayed by vets at the PDSA that the cause of the illness came to light.

The Christmas tree decoration was shown up perfectly by the X-ray.

Head nurse Stephanie Williams said: "Various conditions can cause chronic vomiting and weight loss in cats so there were several possibilities to explain Leah's symptoms. However, the last thing we expected to see was a Christmas tree staring back at us on the X-ray. Even small foreign bodies can cause so much trouble in pets."

Leah underwent surgery to remove the tiny tree, which had actually split into two pieces, and was kept in overnight for observation before returning home.

Miss Smith said: "Now I make sure that nothing is left lying around that Leah can get her paws on."

Senior veterinary surgeon Sean Wensley warned pet owners of the danger of leaving small objects lying around.

"We always see cases of swallowed foreign objects around Christmas time," he said. "We urge all pet owners to look around their home, room by room, identifying any dangers to their pets."

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