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Cat-nav helps Tom find missing moggies

Monday October 13th 2014

A real-life Ace Ventura pet detective has built up an impressive track record of finding lost or stolen moggies - despite the fact he is severely allergic to cats. And in fact asthma sufferer Tom Watkins relies on his hypersensitivity to locate the animals using his very own in-built cat-nav.

Mr Watkins, an ex-policeman, believes the attacks trigger his sixth sense, which helps him to look for missing tabbies. Yet the 40-year-old, who owns a lost pet firm in Hereford, says if he touches a cat's coat just once it can spark sneezing attacks and even trigger his asthma.

But you don't have to have Mr Watkins on your doorstep for peace of mind. In some cases, taking out Pet Insurance" href=>Pet Insurance may also cover costs after losing an animal because it's gone stray or been stolen.

Mr Watkins says that Animal Search UK's remit helps him to combine his love of animals with his investigative prowess. The company, which has 30,000 volunteers and 15 employees, finds 3,000 missing pets every month.

Mr Watkins says he feels great job satisfaction, despite his allergy.

Copyright Press Association 2014

Copyright Press Association 2014