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Cat in six-mile trip next to engine

Friday October 26th 2012

A cat seeking shelter from the cold had a lucky escape after what animal rescue officers described as a "frightening ordeal" under the bonnet of a van.

It it thought the Persian cat, nicknamed Penelope, had snuggled up next to the vehicle's engine for warmth but had to be treated for burns when the van's owner started his journey without realising he had an uninvited guest.

Penelope, who was also treated for a fractured jaw, was eventually discovered when the driver noticed a burning smell and stopped to investigate after six miles on the road.

It is believed the cat may have recently gone missing from her home in Edinburgh and the Scottish SPCA is now looking to reunite her with her owner, who they said must be very worried.

The "very friendly and good-natured" cat is said to be "doing well" after receiving antibiotics for her burns and having her jaw wired.

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