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Cat hitches ride in fire engine

Monday January 25th 2016

Firefighters discovered they had a surprise four-legged passenger on board during a callout.

It is believed the cat made a bed of the vehicle all night. The pet was only discovered after Pat Knowles, a 28-year-old Manchester fire officer, opened the engine's pump locker to find the startled stowaway.

Officer Knowles told the Manchester Evening News that he suspected it was a prank played by colleagues when he opened the locker to find the cat. He says it seemed "pretty terrified".

The firefighters found the cat on Thursday January 21 after spending three hours at a building site fire. Officer Knowles' colleague Baz Hulme, a 40-year-old crew manager, contacted the RSPCA, which is currently looking after the unhurt moggy.

Crew members posted an appeal on Facebook in attempt to find the stowaway's owners. They say they believe the cat's family has now been found.

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