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Cat fashion height of Japanese chic

Tuesday October 20th 2015

Cats have always been seen as some of the trendiest members of the animal kingdom, with their sleek coats and immaculate paws.

And now Japanese housewife Pico has crafted handbags and purses to resemble cats. At 950 Australian dollars (£447), some of her faux feline creations cost more than the real thing.

But nevertheless the bags and purses have become the new fashion craze to hit Japan, especially on the Twittersphere, where Pico has more than 2,200 followers. They are unlikely to be available in Britain, however.

Reports say that Pico gives her products specific markings, a tail and whiskers. She sews the products together then airbrushes them with acrylic paints to lend them their distinctive look.

A white, caramel and black cat bag boasting pink nose and yellow eyes is the favourite design so far. A grey version, which looks like a cute British shorthair, is also proving popular.

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