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Cat discovered 128 miles from home

Monday April 20th 2015

A missing 18-year-old cat has been reunited with his owners after being found 128 miles from his family home.

Tabby George, who disappeared from Llanrwst in North Wales five weeks ago, turned up in West Yorkshire after a marathon adventure.

Owners Steven and Susan Davison were overjoyed when their daughter Gemma Lemalle saw a picture of George on a "lost and found" Facebook page.

Mrs Lemalle, 30, contacted Julia Hill, who had found the pet near her home in Brighouse. But how he got all the way to Yorkshire remains a mystery.

"It's a miracle," Mrs Lemalle told The Telegraph. She explained that around a month ago her father thought he saw a cat running off after driving his car to the garage in Llanrwst but did not think anything of it at the time.

"He didn't say anything but when we got home that afternoon George was nowhere to be seen," she said.

The family knew something was wrong straight away because George would always meet them when they pulled up on the driveway. When there was still no sign of him after a couple of weeks they thought he was gone forever.

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