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Cat caught in miraculous tree fall

Monday January 9th 2017

A cat called Pedro fell 40ft from a tree - only to be caught by a rescuer in the right place at the right time.

RSPCA animal collection officer Annie Janes pulled off the against-all-odds rescue in Cardiff between Christmas and New Year.

The officer arrived on the scene to find locals trying to persuade the cat to come down from the tree on a cold and icy December day.

But the frightened moggie refused their offers of food, staying put at the very top of the tree.

Firemen lent a helping hand to try to get Pedro down. But as one climbed a ladder the cat inexplicably let go of the tree.

Luckily the RSPCA officer was directly below and managed to catch the cat as it fell quickly to the ground.

Pedro is now safely back at home after the ordeal.

Ms Janes said: "The tree was higher than a neighbouring two-story building and its roof, so this cat had certainly got himself into a difficult situation.

"RSPCA is grateful to South Wales Fire and Rescue Service for their help with this quite remarkable rescue.

"As the fireman climbed the ladder to rescue the cat, he let go of the branch he was clasped to, and fell to the ground.

"I was just relieved I was able to catch the cat, as the fall was from such an unbelievable height."

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