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Cat cafe seeks pro cat cuddlers

Friday March 4th 2016

A new Manchester cat cafe is offering pet lovers £8 per hour to become animal nannies. "Chores" will include cuddling cats, as well as feeding and grooming them.

The city's Northern Quarter kitty-themed establishment is due to open in June. This follows comparable enterprises in places such as London and Nottingham, as well as overseas in New York, Moscow, Amsterdam and Tokyo.

Across these ventures, charities partner with food and drink outlets so that rescue cats - as well as customers - get some stress-relieving interaction such as hugs.

Cat Cafe Manchester wants to hire a manager, baristas, an assistant manager and front-of-house employees. But the cat nanny's job could be the dream appointment for many moggie lovers, the Telegraph reports.

Other roles include playing with cats, replacing litter trays, cleaning the bedding, training, monitoring their health and encouraging customers to interact with the felines.

Ellie Close, who will run the cafe with her sister Sophie, told Manchester Evening News reporters that the cats will have individual Twitter profiles. She calls the cats "ridiculously needy".

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