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Cat cafe opens in Nottingham

Tuesday March 31st 2015

A cafe where customers can enjoy a cup of tea and slice of cake while relaxing with cats has opened its doors in Nottingham.

The Kitty Cafe on Friar Lane, which opened its doors on 28 March after successfully raising £5,500 online through fundraising platform Kickstarter, is filled with moggies for customers to stroke.

Most of the cats have been rescued from shelters in the local area. They run up and down specially made climbing frames that are dotted around the venue, relax in tiny chairs and play on the kitty running wheel.

There is also a chill-out space in case entertaining excitable guests gets too much for the furry residents.

Cat lovers can put their feet up and play with the felines while they quench their thirst with a hot beverage or tuck into a tasty snack - and they are queuing up to get the chance to do so.

Owner Kate Charles-Richards enjoyed a successful opening weekend. She is only taking bookings at present, as demand is extremely high, but hopes to welcome walk-in visits as soon as the initial hype dies down.

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