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Cat becomes mum to baby squirrels

Tuesday April 26th 2016

It's challenging enough being a new mum at the best of times.

But Belka the cat has taken on double motherhood duties by not only looking after her own kittens, but a couple of baby squirrels too. Ukranian police recused abandoned little red squirrels and took them to a nearby private zoo to be cared for.

Cat owner and zoo management team member Karina Vengrovska took on the squirrels and introduced them to Belka, who had just given birth to a litter. This seemed especially apt as Belka is a Russian word for squirrel.

Ms Vengrovska said that the cat cheerfully took to her new task. She says that unfortunately one of the baby squirrels failed to survive, but the other two are happy and active and loving their new adopted mum.

Belka is a great mother and has accepted the squirrels like her own kittens, says Ms Vengrovska. She describes Belka as a special "mother heroine". The two little bushy-tailed rodents will join the other squirrels at the zoo's outdoor enclosure when they gather up enough strength.

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