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Cat Percy's having a paw-fect time

Wednesday October 21st 2009

An adventurous Scarborough cat who often boards a train and travels to a North Yorkshire marine-life sanctuary for a spot of fish-watching is thoroughly enjoying his fast-spreading celebrity status.

Six-year-old Percy has become the most famous pet in Scarborough after locals found out about him leaving his home on Green Howard's Drive and journeying to the Sea Life Centre by rail.

He spends a paw-fect day watching the fish and penguins before jumping back on to the miniature North Bay Railway train when he wants to go home.

Percy's owners, Anne and Yale Michael, were surprised to see an article about their pet's travels in their local paper - the Scarborough Evening News.

But Mrs Michael, 51, said Percy would take his new status as a tourist attraction in his stride.

Mrs Michael said Percy had been making the 0.75 mile train journey for around five years and was so well known at the railway he has his own piece of carpet at the station to sleep on.

"He seems to know when to get on and off the train," she said.

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